Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thank You, Please Stay Connected

Thank you to everyone who made the reunion on September 8, 2007 in San Jose a success!

Whether or not you attended the 20 year reunion, you're invited to join fellow alumni on two online services to stay in touch so that you can catch up with your classmates and make sure you're in the loop for the next reunion.

  1. First, please join the new Del Mar High School Class of 1987 (DMHS87) Yahoo! Group to connect with your classmates. This group enables us to easily communicate with each other and share pictures and other stuff for free.

  2. Next, join classmates.com. No payment is required for a classmates.com basic membership. The basic membership enables you to receive messages, read bulletin boards, and view fellow classmates' profiles.

Questions? Please contact Rick Upton at rickupton*AT*yahoo.com (replacing *AT* with the @ symbol).

In case you're interested:
View 20-Year Reunion Invitation including Pricing and Payment Information

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